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Lisa-~<_>~My Eyes R My Camera...


Have any of you guys/gals had Blowfish, normally known as Fugu? That is the type of fish that has to be made very carefully to prepare for eating. Most sushi chefs have to have trained at least 7 years before they are allowed to serve it. *If my information is correct*.

Anyway...have any of you had that fish before? If so...what was the texture/taste? Did it give you any sort of a "buzz". ( I' realy thinking that is a myth ), but am curious anyway.

I remember seeing on Food Network on A Cooks Tour, Tony went and had some in Japan, said it was overrated, and no one died, or got stoned from eating it. lol

Just asking cuz I found a couple places near me that do serve it and I'm curious.
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