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Sushi is my obsession

Im 21 and recently I became addicted to sushi ^-^ I dont know what it is about it but I love it so much that I wish I could eat it every day ^-^ Me and my boyfriend went to this place called Matsuya and it had the best sushi I ever had, but of course places like that are way too expensive to eat at every day. But whats good is a grocery store sells sushi that I dont think is too bad, its fresh at least ^-^ I wish I could make it myself though. Anyone know any good recipies, or is there some training people get to learn how to make it?
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There are books you can get to learn to make the sushi rice and if you can find Nori (seaweed wrappers), some crab or imitation krab, avo and cucumbers, its not too hard to make your own California Rolls. Those are probably the easiest ingredients to find.

Some tools you might need are;
a bamboo mat to help roll the sushi
wooden rice paddle to turn the rice as you pour the sugared vinagar
paper fan to cool the rice as you're turning it

These things aren't totally neccesary but they add to the fun of making sushi and make it taste better and more authentic. My best friend's family is Japanese and I love it when we have sushi night. Everyone gets involved in making it and then they set out a tray with crab and veggies, shrimp, oysters, cooked eel, egg and other fun things and we all make our own.
Thats cool ^-^ Theres a Global foods where I used to live so they would have a lot of those things, I remember seeing eels in a tank when I was there. My favorites are the eel, salmon, salmon roe and tuna, and of course the crab and shrimp isnt bad ^v^ Thanks, Ill try to make it myself and get my boyfriend to help, though he doesnt like the idea of raw fish Im sure hed like at least the crab ^-^
I think the most unusual sushi I ever had was the octipus kind, it was really strange, it didnt taste bad but was a little tough to eat. I had a kind yesterday that was really good, it was a supermarket sushi called Kobe meridian, it always comes with pickled ginger and wasabi (though the wasabi isnt as spicy as it should be). Whats your favorite dream sushi?
My favorite resturant is Mikuni's in Roseville, CA and they make something called a "Marilyn Monroll" that has all kinds of delicious stuff in it including tempura shrimp and avacado. It is ORGASMIC!
LOLZ @ 'Marilyn Monroll' XD Has anyone ever made lobster into sushi? Because THAT I think would be very tasty ^,-,^
Around here some of the restaurants make lobster into maki rolls. Of course I live near Maine, so that may have something to do with it.
I have some recipes, although certainly the most important thing is to find out if there's an asian market near you to keep you supplied with ingredients- or at least find a good website you can order online from. Most major bookstores have a section on cooking though where you can find whole cookbooks devoted to making your own sushi- I think I got one from barnes and noble's, or maybe border's.
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