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i'll trade you my sake nigiri for your pb&j. no way.

HELLo, everyone!
i'm new to the community and have enjoyed sushi for many years. although, i didn't always appreciate it.

as a single parent, my mother hired a japanese women to be our nanny when i was 8. at first, the discovery onigiri in my lunch pail brought heavy sighs. i mean, you just couldn't enter it into the standard lunch trade. it wouldn't be until after a few years that i would really open myself up to the different japanese recipes, sushi included. i was blind! forgive me.

i love japanese cuisine and japanese fusion cuisine. i haven't had much of a chance to check out many restaurants in arizona (i relocated). any recommends? i tend to just cook and roll at home.
thanks hiroko! (my nanny) without her knowledge i would be a sad, sad, woman.

in spreading the love of sushi, i find that introducing cooked rolls or something with texture(tempura) is the most successful/palatable when introducing sushi to virgin sushi eaters.
what do you do?

wasabi wishes everyone.
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