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[17 Nov 2009|02:02pm]

So I'm having a sushi party for 20 people. How many pounds of sashimi should I buy if everybody gets 3 rolls.
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My mother. My future. [29 Nov 2007|03:06pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Anyone else have a mother who reports that they craved Sushi while pregnant?

She and I (my sister gave her different cravings) are really the only ones in our family who melt at the mere thought of sushi.

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Don't Eat It [17 Aug 2007|01:32am]

I just watched Happy Feet. Fun movie, and it also provided a useful link to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (mbayaq.org) which happens to have info about fish to eat, and not eat. They have a lot of fish on their lists, and their "avoid" list was built based on many different factors. Some factors include "too much mercury" or "farming doesn't meet our standards." Good reasons, but not eating such a fish won't make much of an impact. Much better reasons, in my opinion, are "population in extreme decline," "endangered," "very destructive bycatch" or, in the famous dilemma of the Chilean Sea Bass aka Toothfish, "endangered & 50% of harvest is poached."

And so, here is my cleaned up list of fish. Please do not eat the following:
Chilean Sea Bass
Bluefin Tuna
Atlantic Cod
Dog fish
Spiny Lobster (Caribbean)
Rock Fish (some sp. overfished)
Scallops, Mid-Atlantic (North-Atl is OK)
Shrimp (destructive bycatch, esp: Black tiger shrimp, Tiger prawn, White shrimp )

Believe me, as a sushi lover it's tough to put fish like Bluefin Tuna up there, but we're the very folks responsible for it's demise. (xposted)
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[28 Aug 2006|07:47pm]

Well, this community doesn't have many posts so I figured even something like this was cause for posting.

I got a new icon! Check it out! (Look at the pic and you'll see why this is, in fact, on topic.)

I'm going to use it for all my posts here now. :D
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[07 Aug 2006|09:35pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

i too am a great lover of sushi. i love to eat rolls there so good. to bad it cost so much or i too would eat it alot more. i love the smell of it. i too wish i could make it at home. i dont know were you would get sushi grade fish. its seems like it would be a fun thing to do. me and my boyfriend when we go out usely get the love boat for too, it is so good has any one ever tryed crazy tuna. o my god if you have it you ll fall in love with it.

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New to the community - not to sushi [31 May 2006|06:17am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello everyone!  I'm new to the community here! I'm a 23 female who is re-locating from New York state back to Virginia.  I try to eat sushi at least once a week (and Aged-dashi tofu!)  It's my favorite food and I don't think that I could ever get enough of it.  I had a friend in high school who was a Japanese foreign exchange student and I was always interested in trying sushi because it was all he seemed to eat for lunch.  It was not for at least 3 years after I graduated, training in West Virginia for funeral home/cemetery work, that I finally gathered the courage.  NOW I can't get enough.  I'm also a nursing assistant for a home health company, and I'm proud to say that I've helped some of my patients eat better by turning them on to some Japanese recipes. If anyone is ever in the Catskill/Hudson/Tivoli area of New York State, check out Wasabi Restuarant in Hudson or Osaka Restuarant in  Tivoli.  Both are great places for Japanese food, and especially sushi!  

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[04 Dec 2005|01:18am]

Hi everyone! It's been so quiet lately...

One of the things I like to do is to make my own sushi at home. Because I don't trust my skill with the raw fish, it's all either vegetarian stuff or cooked fish. Now since I do this a lot, my four year old daughter has become quite adept with using chopsticks. She is the only four year old I know that can eat with chopsticks without any help (although she often will switch to a fork after half an hour if the chopsticks seem to be taking too long.) So I think that's pretty neat. When we go to restaurants that serve sushi, sometimes she has vegetarian sushi, which she enjoys.

My question is, if anyone here has kids, when did you start them on the raw fish if you did eat out in Japanese restaurants together? Also, how old were you guys when you got into sushi AND if anyone has any medical expertise on this, I'd love to hear it too. I was thinking of starting her on it in her teens (if she still likes it then, of course) but I'd like to hear about other people's experiences.
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[18 Oct 2005|01:37am]


I make sushi plushes and they are on my site at www.stubbychubby.com

They make great stuffing stuffers and footballs.

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i'll trade you my sake nigiri for your pb&j. no way. [07 Sep 2005|11:37am]

[ mood | calm ]

HELLo, everyone!
i'm new to the community and have enjoyed sushi for many years. although, i didn't always appreciate it.

as a single parent, my mother hired a japanese women to be our nanny when i was 8. at first, the discovery onigiri in my lunch pail brought heavy sighs. i mean, you just couldn't enter it into the standard lunch trade. it wouldn't be until after a few years that i would really open myself up to the different japanese recipes, sushi included. i was blind! forgive me.

i love japanese cuisine and japanese fusion cuisine. i haven't had much of a chance to check out many restaurants in arizona (i relocated). any recommends? i tend to just cook and roll at home.
thanks hiroko! (my nanny) without her knowledge i would be a sad, sad, woman.

in spreading the love of sushi, i find that introducing cooked rolls or something with texture(tempura) is the most successful/palatable when introducing sushi to virgin sushi eaters.
what do you do?

wasabi wishes everyone.

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introductory post [22 Aug 2005|05:49pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I love sushi! Yeah, I know, kind of a given here. I also enjoy Japanese food in general, especially maki rolls, miso soup, seaweed salad, and those little hard mango candies. And rice crackers. In fact I don't think I've ever tried any Japanese food I didn't like (although the octopus sushi came close).

I love sushi so much I taught myself how to make it at home- although what I make doesn't taste nearly as good as restaurant sushi it still tastes pretty good and works for my "sushi fix." I'm looking forward to meeting other people who don't go "eeeeewwww!" when I mention sushi, and in fact may even share my disturbing fanatical devotion to it. ;)

I live in New England... anyone here live near me?

Oh, and unagi (eel) is my favorite sushi.

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Sushi is my obsession [19 Aug 2005|11:47pm]

Im 21 and recently I became addicted to sushi ^-^ I dont know what it is about it but I love it so much that I wish I could eat it every day ^-^ Me and my boyfriend went to this place called Matsuya and it had the best sushi I ever had, but of course places like that are way too expensive to eat at every day. But whats good is a grocery store sells sushi that I dont think is too bad, its fresh at least ^-^ I wish I could make it myself though. Anyone know any good recipies, or is there some training people get to learn how to make it?
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Sushi party [01 Aug 2005|09:52am]


More pictures and the list of food

xposted to sushi_party
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Sushi Rocks! [28 Jul 2005|09:38pm]

I had rainbow roll today from Publix. Good times. That lady makes the best sushi ever. If I became rich, I'd hire the cute little Chinese lady to make me rainbow roll every day.
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What else? Sushi [15 Jun 2005|05:34pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]


I've just joined this community because.. obviously.. I am head-over-heels for sushi. I moved to California from the wasteland of southern Illinois and ended up basing my diet almost completely around sushi. From my first California roll I was hooked. Sashimi, rolls, sushi, usually unless it involves octopus or eel, I'll love it! Unfortunately, I'm back in a place where the nearest sushi restaurant is at least an hour and a half away. :( I'm surviving, though, and I'm glad to meet so many other sushi lovers.

Maybe someday someone will get wise and start a sushi place around here! One can only hope..

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[13 May 2005|03:09am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I love Sushi!

Ok... well I suppose if I'm posting in this Community that is a given. :o)

I was introduced to Sushi by my Husband back around 1997 before we got married. He used to go to this Chinese Buffet all the time. They used to have "Fake Sushi" I like to call it now. It was just plain rice but was rolled up with Nori. After trying even "Fake Sushi" I was addicted.

We then went to a restaurant in Iowa city, IA called Sushi Popo. After trying "Real Sushi" I was really addicted.

California Roll is now my favorite type of sushi. I actually love the orange smelt roe that they roll it in sometimes. :o)
I hated requesting that they do my order without the smelt roe "just in case" when I was pregnant. (since doctors think that pregnant women shouldn't eat anything raw *sighs*)

I also like Dynamite Roll (at Sushi Popo ... I found out that not all restaurants make the same type of Sushi when it is called Dynamite roll)
The one I like is made with cream cheese and I think some type of sweet potato or yam Tempura.

I love the Spider Roll.

Oh yeah...I'm also addicted to the pickled Ginger to put on top of the Sushi. I always request extra Ginger if I remember. Because otherwise no one else gets any Ginger. *smirks*

This Community is great. I'd put a ton of the interests in my own Journal only I have too many interests already. So I'll just have to just have Sushi as an interest and then be a member of this Community. :o)

Cross posted to sushi_shop

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sushi land [26 Mar 2005|12:12am]

Hello all, I'm promoting a community for all sushi lovers out there. Basically it's a community where you can review good sushi places you've tried, so that if others are looking for good eats in your area, they have some leads! AND if you happen to travel elsewhere, you may have a few tips on some places to look up yourself!

Well, OK, it's more for my reference of good sushi bars to try if I should stray far from my beloved local ones. But you can join anyway!

sushi_land sushi_land sushi_land

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[09 Mar 2005|06:46am]

[ mood | awake ]

Do any of you know any good sushi places in Orlando?

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Fugu/Blowfish [17 Feb 2005|08:56am]

Have any of you guys/gals had Blowfish, normally known as Fugu? That is the type of fish that has to be made very carefully to prepare for eating. Most sushi chefs have to have trained at least 7 years before they are allowed to serve it. *If my information is correct*.

Anyway...have any of you had that fish before? If so...what was the texture/taste? Did it give you any sort of a "buzz". ( I' realy thinking that is a myth ), but am curious anyway.

I remember seeing on Food Network on A Cooks Tour, Tony went and had some in Japan, said it was overrated, and no one died, or got stoned from eating it. lol

Just asking cuz I found a couple places near me that do serve it and I'm curious.
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[21 Jan 2005|12:09pm]

when did the fish die! its time for a good ole seared albacore with soy sauce and wasabi! cheers
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[22 Dec 2004|12:47am]


I just had sushi for the first time on Sunday and it was awesome :P (I lost my virginity to sushi, if you will). I had california rolls at a Thai food restaurant and also some Ka Pow or something like that. Both were amazing, but I loved the sushi a LOT. Can I get some recommendations of other kinds of sushi that are great and some other Thai/Japanese food that is great that isn't sushi?

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